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When Fixed Wireless Access makes sense

nodeProfessor William Webb, CEO of standards body Weightless SIG, has written an excellent opinion piece exploring how the availability of 60GHz spectrum is strengthening the case for FWA as a cheaper and faster alternative to full fibre.

In his article, Professor Webb makes a solid case for harnessing FWA in towns, villages and suburban areas where overall base station costs can be kept low through use of wireless backhaul, leveraging existing structures for masts, and via low-cost fibre connectivity to lamppost clusters.

As he states, where these conditions are met, FWA "not only lowers the through-life cost by 50% or more, it is much faster – deployment can happen in weeks rather than the months or years needed to bury fibre. That is good news for those awaiting broadband, for politicians keen to move up the broadband league, and not least for investors who start to see revenues almost immediately."

Read "When Fixed Wireless Access makes sense", published in full on here:



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