CCS Lights Up New Year's Eve at Coca-Cola London Eye

CCS’ Metnet 28 GHz self-organising microwave backhaul helped to deliver a stunning New Year celebration display at the Coca-Cola London Eye on New Year’s Eve. Leveraging the Metnet system already powering its high-speed WiFi services on the wheel, Merlin Entertainments was able to – for the first time – directly stream live control to the lights, enabling perfect timing synchronisation of lights, music and fireworks. Previously, a program would have to be uploaded earlier in the day with the hope that the program would trigger at the correct points in the show. This would often result in the lights being a few seconds out of sync. With Metnet, the result was truly spectacular – with none of the noticeable delays or timing lags usually seen at large event displays. Enjoy the amazing River Thames show here:

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