Small cell network synchronisation simplified in new whitepaper from CCS

A range of flexible options for how mobile operators meet the challenge of achieving accurate small cell network timing synchronisation are outlined in a new whitepaper from CCS entitled “Enhancing Small Cell Performance with Synchronised Backhaul”.

Timing synchronisation is becoming increasingly critical to wireless network performance. Every individual radio transmitter throughout the network – effectively every cell – needs to be tightly aligned with its neighbours to effect seamless handover, reduce inter-cell interference, and increase the total network throughput and capacity. For operators, unresolved synchronisation issues can result in dropped calls and data sessions and ultimately, an increased risk of churn. The importance of getting timing and synchronisation right is only set to increase with the growing densification of the network and the greater complexities introduced by LTE-Advanced and TD-LTE.

The new whitepaper from CCS explores the challenges faced by network architects to deliver resilience and high availability in a small cell network, the pros and cons of various alternative synchronisation sources, and examines the benefits of harnessing wireless backhaul in a mesh topology for accurate timing and synchronisation.

CCS has incorporated a high performance, robust and resilient timing and synchronisation solution in the fundamental design of Metnet, its self-organising wireless backhaul solution based on a unique multipoint-to-multipoint architecture. Each node automatically switches to the most suitable synchronisation source available. This multi-sourced timing and synchronisation capability can be used to provide a very accurate and low jitter timing signal to adjacent small cells.

A key advantage of a mesh backhaul-based solution is that it significantly expands the opportunities for small cell deployment, adding considerable flexibility to the scope of potential urban small cell sites and removing the need for a universal clear sky view for GPS satellite reception.

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