Alternative ways to synchronise small cells

Urban small cells, especially LTE ones, need tight timing synchronisation to ensure they work well together with the macrocell layer. GPS is a popular method but may not be entirely reliable in urban canyons.

ThinkSmallCell look at alternative ways around the problem with insights from David Turner, Head of Technical Sales at CCS.

Each CCS node is unique capable of providing GPS-derived local master synchronisation (SyncE and 1588.v2) to the small cell, enabling operation in challenging environments when the small cell's own GPS may fail.

The system also supports 1588.v2 Transparent Clock from the core network to the small cell. Nodes can recover synchronisation and fall back to the core network-provided SyncE and 1588.v2. Distributed timing recovery provides further synchronisation resilience to overcome GPS failures.

Read the ThinkSmallCell article here.

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