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Opinion piece: A tale of two (smart) cities

Realising the full potential of smart cities is currently hampered by a disconnect between the visionaries and practical deployment issues for small cells down on the street. Read Steve Greave's article in M2M Now on the current issues holding things back.

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Does backhaul hold the key to customer experience?

Managing customer experience is a complex task, with an ever-increasing number of variables to consider. But perhaps the most frustrating things for users these days is when you can’t do the very things that mobile operators are selling the latest and greatest handsets for – access the internet, download files and make video calls – when you’re on the move in busy urban areas that in theory at least, should offer the best mobile coverage and fastest speeds.

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CCS marks five years

CCS Metnet link

Five years ago, CEO Steve Greaves and CTO John Porter founded CCS. To mark the occasion, we’ve pulled out a few photos from the archives of the team celebrating some key milestones in the early days of the system’s development.

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Alternative ways to synchronise small cells

Urban small cells, especially LTE ones, need tight timing synchronisation to ensure they work well together with the macrocell layer. GPS is a popular method but may not be entirely reliable in urban canyons. ThinkSmallCell look at alternative ways around the problem with insights from CCS.

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Small cells take over the mobile world

To meet the ever-rising demand for mobile data services operators are planning a radical change in the way mobile networks are built. Cambridge-based wireless infrastructure company CCS is in the right place at the right time.

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CCS unveils new logo


CCS is proud to unveil a new logo that represents the unique attributes of our pioneering small cell backhaul system.

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