Small cell backhaul (3G, 4G LTE, 5G)

CCS Metnet empowers operators to quickly improve quality of service in capacity hotspots or coverage not-spots. CCS Metnet was designed with the specific purpose of creating a backhaul system for small cells in dense urban areas.

With often limited sites available and the requirement for wireless backhaul, dense urban canyons prove extremely difficult for line-of-sight, multipath and GPS. The unique combination of Metnet's self-organising, self-healing capability and multipoint-to-multipoint/“mesh” architecture provides the flexibility to overcome the issues and deliver a high performance solution.

The small form factor and only one unit per lamppost easily satisfies urban planning requirements for street level and building deployments. The node's unique self-organising capability and wide 270-degree field of view enables plug-and-play installation in under 15 minutes, with no need for radio planning or manual alignment. A unique multipoint-to-multipoint architecture with self-healing links offers higher availability and resilience. And the system is easy to scale as existing nodes will automatically re-organise and re-align as new ones are added.

Public Wi-Fi backhaul

CCS Metnet offers operators the ability to deliver carrier-class backhaul to public Wi-Fi hotspots to rapidly improve performance where it’s needed most.

Metnet provides a carrier-grade, high capacity, low latency, fibre-like connection to Wi-Fi access points. Metnet nodes can be mounted at street level for outdoor public Wi-Fi, or on building rooftops for the backhaul of indoor Wi-Fi networks.

Small and discreet, Metnet nodes are quick and easy to deploy, and straightforward and practical to grow as network needs evolve. CCS nodes can also backhaul other applications such as CCTV cameras at the same locations as Wi-Fi hotspots.

CCS nodes can also backhaul other applications such as CCTV cameras or Smart City devices at the same locations as WiFi hotspots. Smart City networks and the IoT devices would be autonomously connected over a dense urban CCS Metnet Microwave network.

CCTV backhaul

CCS Metnet delivers a licensed, carrier-grade solution for CCTV backhaul – safeguarding property and people with resilient, high quality video streaming.

The small and discreet Metnet unit avoids the interference issues of unlicensed WiFi-based alternatives. Metnet can also dynamically allocate bandwidth to the uplink direction which is normally required for CCTV cameras.

Metnet allows customers to autonomously build out their network, adding CCTV locations organically using existing street contractors – without the need for alignment or additional radio units or antennas.

The solution can also be shared – in “smart city” style – using the same location for small cell backhaul and WiFi backhaul, thereby amortising the cost.

The customer site can also serve as both a relay point and a service termination point, enabling operators to interconnect customers in a much more flexible way.

FWA (fixed wireless access)

CCS Metnet enables operators to quickly deploy reliable, high-capacity wireless links where fibre or cable is unavailable.

For enterprise customers, Metnet provides the optimal high capacity, low latency wireless backhaul solution. It's easy to install on buildings or street furniture to enable fibre-like services across large campuses.

Dynamic capacity allocation enables the provision of different bandwidth levels to different sites. Each node is also capable of providing GPS-derived local master synchronisation for customers’ equipment or in-building cellular network.

Self-organising, self-healing links ensure high availability across a resilient multipoint-to-multipoint/”mesh” architecture. The Metnet system is quick and easy to install, and easy to scale across multiple buildings, with no need to re-align existing antennas as the network grows.

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Fiber extension, protection & redundancy

With CCS Metnet, operators can take advantage of a cost-effective carrier-grade microwave solution to rapid expansion of fibre connectivity.

Metnet enables operators to complement their existing network and deliver high-quality, fibre-like connectivity to customers in an ad-hoc, organic way.

Where a provider’s main service is delivered by fibre, Metnet enables the provision of a redundant or protected connection to specific high-value customers using wireless microwave networks. The customer site can also act as both a relay point and a service termination point, allowing operators to interconnect customers in a more flexible way. A single radio per customer with 270 degree field of view provides the ultimate flexibility to create a multipoint mesh network. Low 40uS latency and high capacity in licensed spectrum offers a true fibre-like service.

For fibre-based providers, the CCS Metnet system delivers carrier-class service, coupled with ultimate flexibility of deployment.

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