Enabling 5G

Metnet self-organising mmWave backhaul and access enables 5G today, delivers 5G tomorrow

Metnet –
Connecting the 5G world

Metnet from CCS is the world’s only self-organising 5G microwave backhaul. In major live deployments from Asia to North America, Metnet is powering networks to mmWave 5G performance – intuitively, scalably, flexibly and cost-effectively.

Delivering high capacity, ultra-low latency and ultra-fast deployment, Metnet is optimised for performance edge and multigigabit capacity.

Metnet’s proven capability is trusted at the heart of some of the world’s most demanding and data-heavy networks, including a pre-5G network in the City of London, at the heart of the world’s largest financial centre.

With a unique self-organising mesh solution for realising 5G – and beyond – CCS’s innovation and vision is connecting the 5G world.

Unlock the neutral host and small cell opportunity

Metnet enables the fast deployment of neutral host multi-operator backhaul networks. Ideally suited to dense urban environments requiring low OPEX and CAPEX, Metnet’s discreet node design resolves city planning issues and allows rapid installation – with no specialist training or radio planning required.

Utilising licensed microwave radio frequency for robust performance, Metnet’s differentiated QoS supports the deployment of both Wi-Fi and mobile small cells – offering high 1.2Gbps capacity, low latency, and the option of multiple protocols. With robust carrier-grade synchronisation and timing solution for poor GPS coverage areas, Metnet’s resilient self-organising architecture delivers highly reliable service – whatever the environment challenges.

Metnet 5G for integrated backhaul and access for FWA

Metnet enables high capacity and low latency 5G Fixed Wireless Access services for both enterprise and residential customers.

Thanks to its combined point-to-multipoint and mesh architecture – with 4.8Gbps base station capacity and up to 1Gbps peak capacity available for each customer end-point – Metnet offers an optimal 5G FWA solution for deployment across dense urban, suburban and rural areas.

With unique self-organising microwave backhaul and access capabilities delivered over the same infrastructure, Metnet provides exceptional support for both carrier class mobile and data services.

Metnet’s low-cost, small form factor nodes can be rapidly deployed as base stations without any radio planning – allowing discreet consumer Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) to be mounted externally with no aesthetic issues. Providing long range connectivity of up to 5km, Metnet’s self-organising relay capability removes the need for line-of-sight from the base station to the CPE, expanding the possibilities for ubiquitous 5G FWA services.

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Metnet 60G for high capacity, high QOS connectivity

Currently in production, Metnet’s next development phase will deliver a 60G solution with switching capacity of 12Gbps, low latency and self-organisation capabilities. Use of innovative steered beam phased array technology will enable 3Gbps to each end-point, operating in unlicensed spectrum band, with proprietary interference avoidance technology to manage coordination and co-existence with other 60GHz systems.

Metnet 60G will allow QoS and carrier class synchronisation whilst operating in high-interference environments. Comprising discreet and aesthetic units to remove planning issues, the Metnet 60G system offers a uniquely high-performing solution for enterprise connectivity, residential FWA, mobile backhaul, fibre extension and new Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) backhaul opportunities.

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