Enabling gigabit connectivity

Metnet self-organising mmWave
backhaul and access

CCS offers mmWave multi-point to multi-point mesh solutions operating in licensed (24/26/28GHz) and unlicensed (60GHz) spectrum. Our small form factor radios are typically deployed on street furniture such as street poles or on buildings to deliver reliable connectivity where it is needed.

Operators deploy Metnet networks to compliment and extend the reach of their fibre assets to power Smart City applications, backhaul mobile operator small cells, Wi-Fi access points and deliver gigabit connectivity to businesses and homes.

Metnet -
Connecting the 5G world

Metnet from CCS is the world’s first self-organising mmWave access and backhaul solution. In major live deployments from Asia to North America, Metnet is powering networks to gigabit performance – intuitively, scalably, flexibly and cost-effectively. Delivering high capacity, ultra-low latency and ultra-fast deployment, Metnet is optimised for delivering Virtual Fibre services.


Metnet 60G mmWave

Download our datasheets:

Metnet 60G Mesh Datasheet

Metnet 60G CPE Datasheet

Unlock the neutral
host and small cell opportunity

Metnet enables the fast deployment of neutral host multi-operator backhaul networks. Ideally suited to dense urban environments requiring low OPEX and CAPEX, Metnet’s discreet node design resolves city planning issues and allows rapid installation – with no specialist training or radio planning required.

Neutral Host

Pre-5G neutral host backhaul network in London’s Square Mile

CCS Metnet is providing neutral host microwave backhaul for a new ultra-fast, next-generation wireless network in the Square Mile – the world’s number one financial centre. The ambitious project – which includes the single biggest Wi-Fi investment in the City to date – was delivered in a fast and seamless deployment, and is now providing high-speed, high-performance wireless services to businesses, residents and visitors across London’s iconic business hub.

Next-Generation Neutral Host Backhaul in London’s Square Mile

Metnet 60G – optimised for performance edge and multigigabit capacity

CCS Metnet 60G 12Gbps unlicensed mmWave backhaul and access system enables mobile operators and new entrants to harness the potential of the unlicensed spectrum opportunity.

White Paper

Fixed Wireless Access and Backhaul with Unlicensed 60 GHz

This white paper examines unlicensed 60 GHz spectrum and its application in fixed wireless access (FWA) and backhaul applications. The paper provides an overview of the fixed and mobile broadband trends that are creating an opportunity for 60 GHz technology. It also compares 60 GHzmm Wave to both fiber access and licensed mmWave spectrum options and identifies the key technical considerations in evaluating 60 GHz. The paper concludes with a case study of a new service provider entrant, U.K.-based Ontix, that has based its network and strategy on 60 GHz.

Read the whitepaper

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