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CCS Metnet 60G mmWave Fixed Wireless Access technology enables operators and service providers to rapidly deliver Gigabit services to residential and enterprise customers – from bustling urban centres to remote rural villages.

CCS’s Metnet ultra-high capacity unlicensed 60G mmWave mesh system offers 12Gbps nodes with an all-round multi-radio view plus 1Gbps Metnet CPEs to deliver an unrivalled hybrid backhaul and Gigabit fixed wireless access (FWA) solution. Metnet’s 60G nodes and 60G CPEs connect autonomously and intelligently, forming a flexible mesh network powered by CCS’s advanced self-organising and self-healing SDN software.

Metnet offers an optimal Gigabit FWA solution for deployment spanning dense urban, suburban and rural areas, delivering high capacity and supporting low-cost FWA subscribers. With its unique self-organising microwave backhaul and access capabilities, Metnet provides a truly exceptional platform for virtual fibre services.

Case Study: Ultra-fast FWA broadband in Soho

CCS’s Metnet 60G 12Gbps unlicensed mmWave backhaul and access system is powering a flagship Gigabit broadband service just launched in London’s Soho – delivering speeds of up to 1Gbps.

The Fixed Wireless Access solution – deployed by next-generation wireless Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider Ontix with CCS’s mmWave 60G nodes providing ultra-high performance connectivity – is now live and delivering ultra-fast connectivity to a key urban hotspot in Soho’s Berwick Street market.

“We are incredibly excited to be rolling out fibre-like, Gigabit broadband in central London, connecting areas where fibre deployment has been economically challenging, and finally ending the frustration of underserved customers. Our Fixed Wireless Access solution offers an unmatched solution for quickly, easily and cost-effectively meeting pent-up consumer demand for lightning-fast, Gigabit service, right across the capital and beyond.”

Barnaby Dickinson, Chief Operating Officer, Ontix

Case Study: Gigabit speeds come to rural Wales

Residents in the rural Monmouthshire village of Llanddewi Rhydderch are now benefiting from ultra-fast Gigabit broadband as part of an innovative UK Government-backed 5G Pilot leveraging CCS’s 60G mmWave wireless solution.

CCS’s 60GHz mesh technology is enabling Gigabit speeds for the village’s hard-to-connect properties which have, until now, had no other option than to suffer with slow and buffering connectivity.

CCS’s ultra-high-performance Metnet mesh radio allowed Broadway Partners to design and deliver the initial pilot in a matter of weeks, rather than the months or years that a fibre deployment would have required. The successful trial has been delivered as part of the 5G Rural Integrated Testbed (5GRIT) – an industry and academic partnership to develop and test innovative wireless solutions for rural areas.

“We are thrilled to be delivering this leading-edge technology to the community of Llanddewi Rhydderch as part of its work with DCMS, the 5GRIT team, CCS and Monmouthshire County Council.”

Michael Armitage, Chairman and CEO, Broadway Partners

“This is an important trial of our Metnet 60G Mesh radio, which until now has only been deployed in relatively dense urban environments. Proving the technical and commercial case for its use in rural areas, to support both fixed and 5G mobile broadband, expands the range of technology options available to ISPs and mobile operators.”

Martin Harriman, Executive Chairman, CCS

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