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CCS created the world's first self-organising small cell microwave backhaul. Our Metnet system is specificially designed for the very different challenge that small cell deployment brings, particularly in an outdoor environment. It enables quick, low-cost installation by non-specialists, with a small, discreet form factor that's sensitive to the needs of local planning departments. It automatically adapts as new nodes are added, providing the requisite flexibility as the small cell network grows.

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Our logo conveys the unique attributes of our pioneering small cell backhaul system. The different-sized segments reflect its self-organising capability with self-healing links that dynamically reconfigure to optimise performance and deliver capacity where needed. The numerous segments denote its multipoint-to-multipoint architecture. And the overall shape shows the wide 270-degree field of view each CCS node has, which makes it easy to install with no need for manual alignment. It’s a logo that represents a totally new approach to small cell backhaul.

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Animation to explain our Metnet system
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Steve Greaves interviewed at Small Cells World
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Time-lapse video of a Metnet installation
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