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Now it's easy to deploy carrier-class microwave backhaul at street level.
Try our Metnet Starter Pack. Start with just 5 nodes and simply add more as your network needs to scale.

Use cases

Deployment flexibility for multiple use cases.
Small cell backhaul (3G, 4G LTE, 5G)

Quickly improve quality of service in capacity hotspots or coverage not-spots

Public Wi-Fi backhaul

Add carrier-class backhaul to public Wi-Fi hotspots to rapidly improve performance.

CCTV backhaul

Safeguard property and people with resilient, high quality video streaming.

FWA (fixed wireless access)

Quickly deploy reliable, high-capacity wireless links where fibre or cable is unavailable.

Fiber extension, protection & redundancy

Cost effective and rapid expansion of fibre connectivity.

Rapid and scalable deployment

Self-organising links automatically determine the optimal topology over a unique multipoint-to-multipoint architecture.

Easy to install

Only 15 minutes to install each node. No need for RF planning or manual antenna alignment.

Flexible network

Dynamic bandwidth allocation delivers capacity where needed over a resilient, mesh topology.

Easy to scale

Add nodes gradually as required. Existing nodes automatically re-organise and re-align.

Compact design

For discreet installation on lampposts, sides of buildings and roofs. Only one node required per site.

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The Metnet Starter Pack

5 Metnet nodes

Node capacity 480Mbps. Operates in 26 or 28GHz spectrum.

Metnet EMS server

For managing the Metnet backhaul network.

Network design and consultation

Our experts will assess your deployment scenario and design your network.

45 days money-back guarantee

Return the Metnet Starter Pack and get a full refund if you're not happy.

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