Metnet System

Our award-winning technology is the first backhaul solution that makes outdoor small cells truly viable

The capacity challenge

Mobile data traffic continues to soar and operators are struggling to meet capacity requirements. It's having a noticeable impact on quality of service and ultimately customer retention.

Small cells will be essential alongside LTE macro cells to increase network densification to fulfill future capacity demands. But a lack of viable backhaul has been one of the major roadblocks to outdoor deployment.

The more complex and dynamic nature of small cell rollout means that traditional backhaul technologies are often not sufficiently robust, flexible and cost-effective.

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The CCS approach

CCS set out to create a totally new approach with Metnet, the world’s first self-organising small cell microwave backhaul.

This award-winning solution is the only small cell backhaul that meets all key requirements for high capacity and low latency, reliability, rapid deployment and easy scalability at low cost, in a small, discreet design.

The idea was essentially to extend the same self-organising principles that exist in small cell technologies to the backhaul. And to combine this with a highly resilient multipoint-to-multipoint architecture, which can be deployed in a hybrid mesh, PTMP and PTP topology for ultimate flexibility.

The CCS Metnet system uses LOS, area-based microwave spectrum, which is widely available in most markets. It operates in a single frequency channel – at 26 and 28 GHz currently – so no radio planning is required.

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The only solution that meets all key requirements

CCS Metnet enables cost-effective small cell deployment in a flexible, organic way as additional capacity is required.
It’s the first backhaul solution that makes outdoor small cells truly viable.

Self-organising and optimising
System dynamically reconfigures to optimise performance.

Quick to deploy
Install in less than 15 minutes with no need for manual alignment.

Low latency and high capacity
Accommodates evolving traffic demands.

Flexible synchronisation
Provides GPS-derived local master synchronisation to the small cell.

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Small form factor
Small, lightweight units for discreet installation on street furniture.

Easy to scale
Nodes automatically re-organise and re-align as new ones are added.

High availability and resilience
Unique multipoint-to-multipoint architecture with self-healing links.

Lowest TCO
Designed for large-scale, low-cost deployment and operation.

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